Oregon Government

The Oregon government is responsible for the state’s public policy and lawmaking. The Oregon Constitution establishes the state government’s powers, duties, and structure. Oregon’s three branches of government are the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

oregon government

The Oregon Executive Branch is responsible for carrying out the laws of the state. The Governor is the chief executive of the state and is responsible for Oregon’s public policy. The Secretary of State is responsible for Oregon’s elections, business registration, and public records. The Attorney General is responsible for Oregon’s legal affairs and enforcing its laws.

The Oregon Legislature is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative Assembly meets every two years to consider bills passed by both chambers. Bills that pass both chambers are sent to the governor for approval or veto.

The Oregon Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Oregon and hears appeals from lower courts. The Court of Appeals hears appeals from decisions made by circuit courts.

Oregon’s state government is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. The state government works to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all Oregonians. Oregonians have the right to participate in their government and hold their elected officials accountable.

The state government is committed to transparency and accountability to ensure that Oregonians have the information they need to make informed decisions about their government. The government is also committed to providing excellent customer service and making it easy for Oregonians to access government services.

Government of Oregon State

Official Name: Oregon

Governor: Kate Brown

Contact: Contact the Office of the Governor

Main Address: 900 Court Street, Suite 254
Salem, OR, 97301

Phone Number: 503-378-4582

Oregon State Agencies

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